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FLY-IN 2014
May 19-23, 2014
Washington D.C.

Consider joining us in Washington DC this spring. We have lots of work to do to educate the members of Congress about the importance of a robust domestic mining industry. More details on the Fly-In.

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Welcome to the
Women's Mining Coalition

Your connection to people, information, and resources in the U. S. Mining Industry

We provide members of Congress and other policy makers with facts about the modern mining industry, and the importance of mining to the U.S. economy and our daily lives. WMC members document the industry's commitment to resource stewardship and environmentally responsible mining.

A strong mining industry is vitally important to America. WMC members deliver the message that jobs all across the country depend on mining, and that today's regulations and modern technology ensure state-of-the-art environmental protection at U.S. mines. WMC members provide policy makers with first-hand information about the technological advancements and environmental stewardship of today's mining industry.

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